Congress Coverage

Daily Cardiology Academy’s Congress Coverage is a compilation of content dedicated to examining key trials and studies presented at prominent cardiovascular scientific events.

Throughout this series, experts from various medical and cardiovascular disciplines analyze the outcomes of significant trials, offering a concise and practical overview of the key findings for the audience.

Kindly observe the following instructions when preparing a congress coverage episode:

  • Please start recording your presentation in a quiet room and use a recording equipment with acceptable quality.
  • Please avoid recording your voice in different occasions and in separated parts. Recording consistently and in one session will help your audience follow your presentation more easily.
  • Please always start with introducing yourself to the audience and informing them about the title of the scientific event you are covering and title of the article you are discussing at the beginning of your presentation.
  • Please adhere to a methodical approach when reviewing the article, and avoid incorporating excessive statistical or nonessential details while preparing the discussion.
  • Please send a recent smiling picture, your full name and your updated affiliation along with your voice file.
  • Please wrap up your presentation by summarizing the study’s findings and elucidating any practical applications derived from the results.
  • Thanking the audience for their attention to your presentation at the end is a good practice and it is strongly recommended.
  • The congress coverage series is time-bound and preparing the assigned discussion in time is very much appreciated
  • Please submit the final content to the editor for evaluation before publication.