Dear colleagues

We, in Daily Cardiology Academy, deem ourselves committed to have a part in keeping the flicker of science and education burning even in the darkest days.

In consonance with this goal, we are honored to invite you to joining us in the third Daily Cardiology Symposium on 14th and 15th Tir, 1403.

Once again, an elite group of faculty members and a hardworking executive board will work together tirelessly to bring to you a magnificent educational opportunity and help you boost your knowledge and confidence in your routine practice of cardiovascular medicine.

This year’s symposium will have the general theme of “preventive cardiology” with an aim to address one of the most important aspects of routine cardiology practice: risk factor evaluation and modification to prevent adverse cardiovascular events in a wide variety of clinical scenarios.

Looking forward to meeting you all.

Our most sincere regards

Hassan Riahi, MD
Cardiovascular Specialist

R. Ghanavati, MD
Cardiovascular specialist
Chief Scientific Advisor

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