CardioSignal Production Guideline

CardioSignal is a form of content designed to provide concise and precise responses to a particular clinical question. Each volume features a case scenario presented to the audience, along with a Yes/No question. Subsequently, an evidence-based response is provided, drawing upon the latest guidelines and clinical resources available.

Please follow the following instructions when producing a CardioSignal volume:

  • Compose a concise case vignette with only the essential information, utilizing common medical abbreviations when appropriate.
  • Ensure that the case vignette does not exceed one page in length and concludes with a clear and direct Yes/No question.
  • Generate the answer to the clinical question by referencing the most recent guidelines or reputable clinical resources, such as UpToDate or Medscape.
  • The answer may be presented over multiple pages, not exceeding 10 in total, and can include relevant text, images, tables, algorithms, and other visual aids in high-quality formats.
  • Enhance visual readability by employing highlighting and marking techniques to emphasize key elements of the answer.
  • Include the date and the author’s name at the bottom of the first page.
  • Submit the final content to the editor for evaluation before publication.

Thank you for your collaboration