Case Discussion

Case Discussion is a form of content designed to provide an up-to-date and evidence-based discussion about interesting clinical scenarios with substantial educational value and potential.

Each volume features a case scenario followed by a detailed discussion of the diagnosis, management and follow-up of the case by an expert colleague in the form of under-10-minutes narrations.

Please follow the following instructions when producing a Case Discussion volume:

  • Please start recording your discussion in a quiet room and use a recording equipment with acceptable quality.
  • Please avoid recording your voice in different occasions and in separated parts. Recording consistently and in one session will help your audience follow your presentation more easily.
  • Please always start with introducing yourself to the audience and informing them about the number of the Case Discussion episode at the beginning of your presentation.
  • Please use the latest related guidelines and valid clinical sources for the discussion and inform the audience about the references you used for the discussion.
  • Case Discussions are a voice-based content but in special cases, please inform the editorship committee if you need a certain table, figure or algorithm shown during the discussion and send a high quality version to be placed into the final video file.
  • Please send a recent smiling picture, your full name and your updated affiliation along with your voice file.
  • Please conclude your discussion with definite answers to the potential clinical questions about the case scenario.
  • Thanking the audience for their attention to your presentation at the end is a good practice and it is strongly recommended.
  • Submit the final content to the editor for evaluation before publication.

Case Discussion Sample

Thank you for your collaboration