Impact production guideline

Dear colleague

Below, you can find a list of general considerations you need to undertake when making an Impact episode.

1) Please always introduce yourself at the beginning of your presentation with your full name and affiliation. The article must also be fully introduced mentioning the date and the journal in which it has been published.

2) We advise against using “general practitioner” as your affiliation. A title such as “guest reviewer” or “medical journalist” better suits this type of presentation.

3) An Impact episode is supposed to be a story of a recent interesting article told to your colleagues. Therefore, avoid too much or impractical details. For example, mentioning all P-values, Confidence Intervals and other statistical details makes your presentation hard to follow and unappealing unless there is a specific reason for the significance of the mentioned information. Moreover, a friendly and relaxed tone better suites the story-telling concept of Impact so we strongly advise against choosing too formal words and tone for your presentation.

4) Please use a structured approach to the review of the article covering its background, methods, results and conclusion as well as its practical significance for daily practice.

5) Please avoid using nonstandard abbreviations and always mention the full form of any abbreviation the first time you use it in your presentation.

6) Please keep the length of the episode under 5 minutes unless there is an absolute need to extend the episode to cover all aspects of the given article. We are unfortunately unable to accept files longer than 7 minutes and they will be rejected during the initial review process.

7) We strongly recommend to avoid reading from a transcript because in almost every case it will make your presentation sound unnatural. Instead, try to memorize what you are supposed to say and just prepare an outline to keep you in line.

8) Please avoid mentioning all the names of the experts who were either the authors of a certain study or commented on them. It makes your presentation hard to follow.

9) Please record your file in a quiet place, preferably with an external microphone and in MP3 format

10) If you decide to present in English, please check the exact pronunciations before recording specially those of the technical words.

11) Please do not add any music or sound effect to your recording, our technical team will make the final file according to the Impact series them after acceptance for publication.

12) Thanking your audience for listening to your presentation is courteous and customary in every scientific presentation.

We are sincerely thankful to the time energy you dedicate to our joint scientific efforts.

Impact sample

Yours truthfully

Daily Cardiology Academy Board